Woodworking Machinery Expo will be held this year, what's the attraction?

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September 29, reporters from the 16th China Shunde (London) International Woodworking Machinery Fair press conference was informed that this year 10 to 13 December, the new woodworking machinery expo will be held at the London Exhibition. In the tide of the Internet +, exposition of how the combination of Internet to seek new development opportunities concern.

People often say "North of Beijing exhibition, south London" exhibition, London as China Woodworking Machinery town, is China's largest woodworking machinery manufacturing base, China Shunde (London) International Woodworking Machinery Fair as show London Woodworking Machinery an important window and guide the design of the platform charm, has gone through fifteen years. This year's exhibition is "Chi-made furniture, equipment flexibility" as its theme, the "intelligent" and "flexible equipment" as the basic point of this expo, highlighting the home production of new technologies and intelligent mechanical strength.

According to the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce Suquan woodworking machinery nest introduction, the exposition will be optimized and a breakthrough in the exhibition content, commerce effective, professional docking, the degree of internationalization. First, the fair will focus on the introduction of robots, intelligent production line of high-tech mechanical products, the exhibits from the old machine to upgrade a single product line of smart, pay attention to guiding the industry's emphasis on research and provide complete solutions.

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In addition, and also it will combine Internet + is a major highlight of the exposition. Suquan nest representation, will jointly build a wooden machine Trade exhibition platform synchronized, so fair is not limited to time and space, so that the needs of all the furniture and the same industry will always be able to find the desired product. In addition, the annual fair has attracted many international brands and well-known enterprises to participate in, the reporter learned that this year the organizers will also be under way line by line, to Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and other furniture producing countries issued a show invitation, and actively promote the exhibition The internationalization.

It is worth mentioning that this year's fair will also be more emphasis on interaction and cooperation of buyers and sellers. By then, the organizers will launch a large mechanical products sweepstakes, promotion and interactive audience, held in the "Ten Outstanding dealers" and "intelligent equipment" contest, to promote industry interaction.

At the press conference attended street party Working Committee, London street Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau Wang Xinghai, said China Shunde (London) London International Woodworking Machinery Fair is the first state-level fair, after 10 five years of rapid development, has become South China's most professional woodworking machinery exhibition in China woodworking machinery industry is also influential. He hoped that the London Woodworking Machinery Exhibition breakthrough in the specialization and internationalization, thus bringing the "London wisdom made" to the international market.

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