Woodworking machinery continued prosperity, intelligent trend

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Woodworking machinery refers to wood processing, the wood processing semi-finished wood products to become a class machine. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery industry is the other furniture industry, building industry and decoration industry, basic industries. Global woodworking machinery market are mainly distributed in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. In 2011 the total size of the global woodworking machinery industry reached 13.706 billion yuan, 5 annual compound growth rate of 24.7%.

Europe has been the largest regional market share percentage woodworking machinery industry leading position in Germany and Italy. European market share of 5.9 billion euros, according to 2011 exchange rates, the European market share of about 58%. Whether from the product quality, variety, production or sales, German and Italian woodworking machinery products are in the world leading level, enjoys a high reputation in the international community. As these companies have chosen to use the most advanced machinery and automation technology, combined with its own characteristics of the industry and rigor meticulous, make their technologies and products at the forefront of woodworking machinery.

United States, China, Taiwan woodworking machinery production ranking followed. US woodworking machinery products its output, output value less than Germany and Italy, but its precision machining, CNC penetration, technical performance, noise indicators than some of our higher-end products, even more than Germany. Some level of woodworking machinery is an international leader. China woodworking machinery has a considerable scale, woodworking tools, from small to large, has formed a complete industrial system. 2012 total output value of woodworking machinery more than 28.1 billion yuan. China Taiwan region woodworking machinery industry is one of the main production areas of the world and one of the most successful woodworking machinery industry. However, raw materials and key components needed for woodworking machinery manufacturing industry in Taiwan, standard parts dependent on imports, the vast majority of its finished products dependent on the international market, Taiwan is only able to control the production process.

With wooden structures and other wooden products developed rapidly, expanding market demand, which is also on the production efficiency of wood processing equipment put forward higher requirements. The development of advanced manufacturing technology, but also makes rapid prototyping technology, computer numerical control technology, flexible manufacturing technology, robotics and machine vision technology is widely used in wood processing industry has greatly changed the traditional way of processing and production of wood products, greatly improve the level of automation and production efficiency of wood processing machinery.

We expect that the furniture industry in the next five years will continue to maintain more than 25% growth rate. With the increase of Chinese residents' income, housing established to accelerate the expansion area, people on the furniture brand awareness, Chinese furniture needs to enter a new phase, the huge domestic demand potential, and occupy the largest share of the furniture market will usher in wooden furniture The new round of development opportunities. Upgrading the furniture business equipment will drive the rapid growth of woodworking machinery industry, but in the competition, a few technical accumulation and strong enterprise customer accumulation will expand market share, gradually mastered the high-end equipment pricing and achieve import substitution, optimistic about the current in the industry South-leading equipment inside.

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